Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Baby

So first post, it's almost Christmas and everyone in Second Life seems to be wearing flashing lights, red and green and antlers on their heads. I figured I'd get into the fun. I got the tip for this outfit from - It's a cutie pie outfit from Bare Rose, costs all of 170L or thereabouts and comes with three colors - red, green and pink. I snapped it up asap.

The boots are from Bax, of course, the special holiday prestige boot set. 395 for three colors and the perfect fit as usual. And yes, they are "boots with the fur." LOL

picture is viewable bigger by clicking or go to my flickr page
The skin is the brand new one from Al Vulo, I am so in love with Hlin's skins, and this one has some nice options I haven't seen from Al Vulo previously. You get both blonde or dark brown versions in this, with or without hair base, plus a choice of several lovely lipstick tats and some really new and interesting makeups. I'm wearing Sakia, Smokey, blonde brows, no hairbase, of course cleavage though it's not really showing in this pic. It's only available in Bronze at the moment, I generally prefer a lighter skin tone but the skin was too pretty and had too many great options not to go with it.

The hair is Carrie from Action hair and is one of the best hairs I think Action has released in a while. I'm not a big fan of the helmet head thing that seems to happen a lot with hair that's primarily sculpty and though Action uses a head lock to keep from messing up your hair, the head lock reminds me of wearing a neck brace. Not a good memory! I'm wearing Carrie in Dirty Blonde

My main shape is Nelly from Salt and Pepper though I've modded her a bit. I really like the shapes from Salt and Pepper however, and am contemplating buying a few more!

Nails - these are the mandala super long nails set to red.

I'm kinda bummed, I'm using Firestorm and for some reason I'm seeing a lot of tiny prim fade out from a distance. This necklace set from Purple Moon is so cute, silver reindeer with ruby accents. But in my pics you can't see the accents because of this fade out problem. So annoying. (This set is only available at Tropicalia Bazaar at the moment)

All the poses here are by Purple Poses. I had a few problems in some cases with my poses wanting to stretch textures in a funny way, but for the most part I really liked them and you can't beat 90l for a pack of 10 poses with a stick.

Makeup layers - I'm wearing the cherry lipstick that came with the Sakia skin, but I also added the venetian red mizu gloss layer from Mock cosmetics - I cannot live with out my mizu glosses, and I added the liquid glaze black liner from Boom as well for a little more definition.

The background on my pic is from Vector, a royalty free vector site.

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