Who Is That Girl

If you come poking around my new blog, in curiosity or by mistake or whatever, you may be wondering who is this chick. Well, I've been around Second Life for a good long while in one form or another. I have had a lot of computer problems and a lot of guy problems so I tend to come and go.

In the past, I've made a lot of avatars, almost as a kind of art therapy. "See what I made and it was only 5L!" or whatnot.

Now I'm back and hopefully to stay and I love to take snapshots and to share where I bought things so I thought I'd make a blog and a flicker. I don't plan to blog in some kind of super regular, every single day type way - I think that would kill my enthusiasm for the whole thing - but I plan to blog pretty often in any case.

I have very eclectic fashion tastes and so you'll see both my posts and the blogs I read to reflect that. Sometimes I want to wear something super sexy and perhaps a bit more than a bit naughty and other times I'm pretty vintage or all dressed up etcetera. I enjoy role play and I'm an old school player. I was doing text based in im type role play a long time before Second Life was even a mote in Phil's eye.

I am a self taught photoshopper and I don't plan to go all out with the photo editing though I do like trying new tutorials and trying to learn new things.

Although I can be very bubbly and friendly, I'm also really shy, especially in face to face non avatar type meetings. I'm highly opinionated which can get me in trouble because after I've said my piece I want to go hide under a rock for saying it!