Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Casual Bunneh!

This didn't start out to be a bunny outfit, it just sort of turned out that way. I started with this absolutely adorable top from LINE. I just frickin' love it and I plan to go back and get some more colors. It was easy to fit and just so darned cute. ( I did make my butt smaller to fit it since nobody was gonna be able to really see my butt anyway under the long shirt.)

 I originally was going to wear a skirt under it but then I realized that most skirts were either gonna look too long or else too short. But *fortunately* I had just bought these cutiepie lace leggings from G. Field at their red and white sale. I was so happy because the leggings go perfectly with the top in a way I wouldn't have anticipated until I put them on together. I love the little ruffle and ribbon details on the cuffs of the leggings too.

I knew immediately that I wanted to wear this jewelry set with the outfit. A few days ago while on my casual jewelry hunt, I ended up at this lovely little shop called Love Always. The shop specializes in jewelry for children but everything comes with resizers so with a couple of clicks it fit me fine. The little ribbons are color change also so you can get just the right color to match your outfit. Precious! It's called the Giddy (Hearts) set.

The hair I'm wearing is the subscribomatic gift in all colors from Catwa hair. Catwa has become one of my favorite stores for hair because they make styles that are different and also because they still make flexi hair. \o/. My first avatar was born when flexi hair was brand new on the grid. I remember when hair stuck out behind you like some crazy shaped wing or train. It was, to quote one of my all time favorite girl movies, "a (brown) football helmet" for hair. And, oftentimes, sculpted hair reminds me of the old days instead of new days, because it too often looks a lot like you're wearing a nicely shaped and textured football helmet, or perhaps your hair has been sprayed into fear of its life if it moves LOL. I don't know! But it is not attractive to me! So anyway, I love this hair and as of last night it was still in the som and you should go grab it. And no, it doesn't have the giant bow headband! It's called Carolena and I am wearing it in the Creamy Toffee shade.

I am wearing the Ebba skin from Laqroki with this outfit, in Peach and I bought a new shape from Pekka called Brenda which I then modded. I love the face shape though and I didn't touch that at all, And I also love the fey look to the eyes though I widened them somewhat over where they were set. I really like Pekka's shapes, even though I'm too much of a fiddler not to mod them to suit myself. I'm sorry! No offense to your art, I swear!

I have to admit too that as much as I love Mock Cosmetics, I went astray because I was looking for a particular look in eye makeup and couldn't find it. I managed to put my foot in my mouth all the way up to my knee while doing it because I complained to a friend " who wears eyeshadow all around the eye like a raccoon!" and she promptly told me, "I do!". Well silly me. *facepalms* LOL. Fortunately she's a sweetie and didn't kill me on the spot.

At any rate I found what I was looking for on marketplace from (Ag) cosmetics which I then went to the Kozmetika store to buy. Such a great idea, lots of make up in one place! I ended up buying all the eyeshadows that (Ag) had. I then added the clear juicy gloss from the Elly Skin (Pink Fuel) skins because I felt like the eyes were the thing and I didn't want the lip color to fight with it. I also added a layer of mascara and liner from Boom, the Love My Eyes set in Thick. This  (Ag) eyeshadow is in the Tropical Shadows set and is called Sun Conure. The whole set is super cheap.

Shoes at least were an easy choice because Nardcotix is having their fabulous 70 percent off sale which made these Anessa style shoes in Teal less than 200L. Be still my heart!

Now for that hair bow. The Mock Cosmetics chat is a wonderful chat. We talk about all kinds of stuff in there, where to find things, not only at the Mock store but in other places so naturally I asked, hey where can I get a hairband that has a bow on it? I got an answer, a few of them in fact, and one of them was Toki Doki. I liked the sound of the name so off I went. It's called the Side Headband.

ZOMG! What a cute store! And what cute stuff! The headbands are to the right of the entrance and they are available from the gacha machines or you can buy singles or you can buy a whole pack. I pounced on this giant one as the perfect thing to go with the rest of the ensemble. I did tint it a little bit to make it a bit more matchy matchy with the rest of the outfit, but it's mod so that's easy to do.

I wanted some  new nails to go with this, though I love my Mandala long nails as the go to set. I just wanted something different so I was pointed to Candy Nail. This is the Air Nail set in Blue. It's not a perfection match but it's very close and I liked it with the rest of the look.

So here's the credits!
Skin - Ebba skin by Laqroki in Peach
Shape - Brenda shape from Pekka modded
Hair - Carolena hair from Catwa in Creamy Toffee
Eyes - Fashism - Celtic Green
Lashes - Damned - My Perfect Lashes
Top - Fashion Star top from LINE in Baby Blue
Leggings - Rose Lace leggings from G. Field in White
Shoes - Anessa heels from Nardcotix in Teal
Jewelry - Giddy(Hearts) set from Love Always (i had great customer service from her too when delivery snafu'd and she gave me extra goodies!)
Nails - Air Nails from Candy Nail in Blue
Hair Band - Side Bow from TokiDoki in #1 (tinted)
Makeup Layers - Eyeshadow from (Ag) cosmetics at Kozmetika - Tropical Shadows - Sun Conure
Makeup Layers - Liner and Mascara from Boom - Love My Eyes - Thick
Makeup Layers - Lipgloss - Juicy Gloss Clear from Pink Fuel Elly skin set.
Poses by Magnifique Poses and Status Poses

Last but not least I added some nipple tape in white from an outfit I have from Sakide called Unzip Me Dress. I am just not comfortable with my pixel nipples showing, I don't know why!

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