Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Champagne Wishes!

I decided to do Luna Jubilee's 52 weeks of color though I have every expectation I will fall behind at some point since so far my experience is that this is harder than it looks! I'm undaunted though and carrying on. The first week's color is Champagne and I had a devil of a time deciding on an outfit. I wore two or three around trying to settle on something until I found this gorgeous dress from Purple Moon.

This dress is just tres chic to me and made me think of 60's style. The mod look done glamorous in faux snakeskin.

The dress is so fab I really didn't want to do too much with accessories because I didn't want to detract. I'm wearing a hair from Damselfly. It's called  Harborlynn and I'm wearing the Beach Beige color - blend. The headband and flower is tintable so I tinted it to match the dress or at least be in the same shade family.

My shoes are from Similar, they are the Annabell heels which I wear almost constantly, such a great pair of dress up pumps. Color change of course to champagne.

I'm wearing earrings and bracelets from Ear Candy, the 60l weekend set in gold. The set is called UnTamed and I thought it just added a tiny bit more pop.

I also splurged on the Chloe skin from Belleza and that's what I'm wearing here. Makeup #2 with just a bit of doe shimmer shadow in gold from Pixel dolls, Simpatico liner from Mock Cosmetics and Mizu gloss from Mock Cosmetics.

I took these shots a few days ago so I don't remember but I think these poses are by Magnifique and Status.

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