Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mah Kitties!

*Insert obligatory joke about pussy control, ahem* Moving On!

So, somehow or other, I ended up with 3 KittyCats. I bought one at Collabor88 when they had them and I bought one for myself for Christmas and I got one from the KittyCats advent thingie. So, today, I decided to have them get born!

They all ended up being girls and since I wasn't planning on breeding them (who can afford it!) that was fine with me. So let me introduce you to my girls.

This is Miss Blueberry Rose. You can tell she's a model at heart with her pretty blue and white bib and her big blue eyes.

This is Miss Krystalle Rose, she's obviously made of the best Ice :D

Last but not least is Miss PinkyBean Rose. Despite her pretty pink eyes and stars, she's the tomboy of the family.

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